The Crisis of the Comprador Capitalist Oli Regime

The dissatisfaction, indignation and anger of the people who have suffered terribly during the Oli regime’s 80-day Lockdown, which has shown itself hopeless and helpless in health administration, is mired in corruption and has repressed the people, has spilled onto the nation’s streets. Many people who failed to understand and recognise the reality of the […]

२०७७ श्रावण १० गते, शनिबार

Communist Party and the political line of the Nepalese Revolution

“History tells us that correct political and military lines do not emerge and develop spontaneously and tranquilly, but only in the course of struggle. These lines must combat “Left” opportunism on the one hand and Right opportunism on the other.” (Mao Tse-tung, The Chinese Communist Party and China’s Revolutionary War p194.) Twenty first century has […]

२०७७ श्रावण २ गते, शुक्रबार

Relation between Boomism and Economism

Around the parliamentary election, Nepal is echoed with a slogan of economic boom. This slogan of economic boom is much hipped, a marathon competition centered on those who can be sought louder that would have better chance to garner votes and could better hunt for future through parliamentary business. The election is said to be […]

२०७७ श्रावण २ गते, शुक्रबार