Covid and Mental health

Manyata Bade Shrestha २०७८ जेष्ठ १३ गते, बिहीबार

During the period of pandemic most of us are depressed,tensed, anxious and stressed.We spend most of our time using mobile phones, watching tv or movies, spending time with our family etc, So we are enjoying right in some way? But, We are worried about the situation too right? We are physically and mentally isolated, we spend all day in the four corners of our rooms, obviously we will feel anxious.Mental health is equally important as physical health. It is natural to stress over this sitaution and there is solution for our every problem. So we can feel better by meditation.

Meditation is usually a form of practice to calm our mind and explore ourselves. A Meditation includes concentrating in breathing,the use of different mantras, or the phrases of different meditation, focusing between your eyebrows and many others.Meditation is a very powerful tool in our modern lives . We deal with different kind of stress everday and stress can cause affect in our mental and physical health and cause a number illness.Medical reasearchers and doctors have suggested to practice meditation everyday to reduce the stress level.

It helps us to realise our inner self to focus and helps us keep our mind at a right place.It bring us peace in our inner self and reduces depression, stress, anxiety, panic attack and other mental illness.

Not only mental illness, it also helps us to be more patient, enhance our creativity and concentration level also helps us to solve our life problems. It helps to connect spiritually. Meditation has postive effects on our mind so it helps to enhance our memory power. So, If a person feels lonely,depressed and suffering mentally, by the help of meditation he can reach into a place of joy, calm and peace. When a person meditates even for like 15-20 minutes he/she will feel a sense of positivity within themselves and also helps to deal with the emotional battle. When we start practicing meditation in our daily lives and adapt it as a habit we can see a difference and change within ourselves.

In the modern hectic life, meditation helps people to experience their life to the fullest.Meditation is a wonderful way to cope up with our stress and also helps to improve our health in long term.There different types of meditation which we can practice according to our needs and personality. Some of them are mindfulness,meditation,spiritual meditation,focused meditation,mantra meditation etc. There are different platforms to practice meditation for the beginners.Some meditation or kriyas that we can adopt and practice are ISHA KRIYA, SURYA KRIYA,SHAMBHAVIMUDRA by SADHGURU.These kriyas are very simple but very powerful . Meditation is a wonderful way to cope up with our stress and also helps to improve our health in the long term. While practicing meditation we should avoid any thoughts that comes to our mind that distracts us and focus on our breathing and the present moment.Itmaybe very difficult in the beginning but the consistency and the concentration can help us to gain the benefit of the meditation.

It also requires patience and time. When we practice meditation everyday consistently we can see feel our energies and vibration being completely different, we can mirror ourselves. It may a take a long lime to focus in the present and avoid our thoughts it is perfectly normal so we shouldn’t be discouraged or demotivated. Consistency is the key and meditation takes practice.Basically there’s no right or wrong way to meditate what really matters is the meditation that helps you to feel calm, peace and reduce your stress.

  • BBA 1st semester, KUSOM


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