Truth of life

Ashutosh Gartaula २०७८ जेष्ठ १३ गते, बिहीबार


Life is within you. Life is the combination of two things emotion and thoughts. Family, work, the party are ambiance of life. Life is what you make of it. Everyone has a different point of viewing life. For me, if you are serious all the time, life will also be the same.

 Life doesn’t go as you expected it to go; it on your side sometimes it’s against you. If it’s against you, don’t worry; be thankful for the creature and face it. We only exist only for a short time in this vast cosmos. So, don’t be deadly serious all the time. Don’t be angry, forgive and try to forget a bad time. In life, only a few people know the ways to enjoy life. We are just passengers in the beautiful journey of life. Your life is your karma. Try to enjoy what you; when you pay too much attention to everything around you, you are not paying proper attention. Quality of life is measure by the level of happiness. Never compare yourself; you are only one piece in the entire universe. If you are helping someone and expecting help in return, this is called business. So the main thing is to change thinking about how we see life and help others. Karma is not like if you do well, it will reward you, and if wrong, it will punish us; it is just our selfish thinking. Many people think money is happy it’s wrong. Let’s take the example of Bill Gates. He has recently been divorced; why? Do you think he doesn’t have money? It proves money is not happiness.

Happiness is the satisfaction you get, but in the view of an economist, it’s called utility. Everyone is different, so never compare, don’t worry about the future; enjoy the present; it means enjoying the thing you are doing right now because you can’t reverse the time now; it’s in the past. Learn to walk alone always keep a smile on the face. Sometimes it’s okay to get lost in nature. Always be grateful to who had created us.

For me, it’s easy to say be happy keep a smile on the face, but in reality, it’s way too challenging to get the hang of it. It depends on the person who you see in life. I will not say help others but never compare people because you don’t know their side of the story.

BBA 1st semester, KUSOM


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