What do you think life is?

Manish Manandhar २०७८ जेष्ठ १५ गते, शनिबार

Life is not always the bed of roses. Taking it as a game of cards, reliability is the ace, industry the king, politeness the queen, thief the jack. Common sense is playing to the best advantage of card you draw. And every time the game proceeds you will find king, queen and opportunity to use them.

Doubt, weeping, sorrow, pain, tension, fear, etc. are the obstacles which creates havoc in life. A real quality of a person is hidden inside them. A person who can find them get success and who cannot lose life is like a race, full of competition. If there is a small problem it may create a great trouble. There are hundreds of people whom you may have faith. But sometimes they may be show off who may be jealous of your progress and envy at your success. You must be careful of such things. There will be hundreds of people troubling you, but truth saves you if you hold it. Truth is the strongest weapon.

Have faith in yourself show confidence and patience. Go step by step for the success. Do not rush at once. If you can’t be a highway, just be a trail, if can’t be a sun just aim to be a star. It isn’t matter if you reach to success slowly. Be the best of what you are. Do not fear in life. Life is a great journey. If there is darkness, use patience as torchlight. If path of success is broken use confidence as a ladder and hold faith on you and then you can complete your journey easily.Life is drama. God is a director and you are actor, act it nicely and make people impressed and day comes when whole runs behind you.


BBA 1st Year , Kathmandu University School of Management  


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