CPN won’t stay idly by government and financial institution’s aggravation on national capitalist’s wound: Prakanda

२०७७ श्रावण २ गते, शुक्रबार

Kathmandu, 29 Asar .

The Communist Party of Nepal has said that party won’t stay idle on the government and financial institutions aggravating on national capitalist’s wound made from Covid-19 and lockdown. Party’s spokesperson Prakanda said this in a statement issued today. Spokesperson Prakanda said that the Nepali economy, which has been in crisis for the past four months due to the Corona virus pandemic and lockdown, has been hit hard by the pandemic and country’s industry, trade, business sector, national entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders are on the verge of death. Saying the government’s ‘tax collection decree’ and the ‘debt levy’ imposed by banks and financial institutions to collect interest were causing aggravation to the national entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders. He also appealed to the government and the banks to immediately postpone this objectionable and regrettable act and make arrangements for the payment of tax and interest after the concessional interest rate and reopening of trade and business smoothly.

Likewise, Spokesperson Prakanda expressed his deepest condolence to the victims of the natural calamity and wished speedy recovery to the injured. Spokesperson Prakanda urges the government to expedite and rescue dozens of missing persons, provide free proper treatment to the injured, provide adequate relief to the relatives of the deceased and rehabilitate the homeless. Spokesperson Prakanda says: Gulmi, Jajarkot, Kalikot, Sankhuwasabha, Chitwan and Terai districts have suffered heavy loss of life and property because of the flood, heavy rain and landslides.

He also urges the people, party leaders and cadres to maintain high vigilance. And appeals party cadres to rescue, provide relief and to take part in rehabilitation activities.


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