WHAT IS LIFE ? : it goes on

Preachhya Maharjan २०७८ जेष्ठ १८ गते, मंगलवार

Life, humans are so proud of on which we human have so proud can be summed up in just three words “It goes on”. While it’s going on it comes up with multiple ups and downs, meanings, challenges, and purpose. It is an endless battle.

Life is the journey of living. We human beings are always eager and restless to get and to reach somewhere and this is what have been passed on generation to generation up to today’s kids and it goes on and on. As a child they are told repeatedly to study hard and get a one grade to start a rewarding career, persuading they can enjoy once they get a good job. And the first twenty years of their life are spent attempting to mug up the chapters, fetching good marks. When they do get a good job they are told to work hard to secure a good position.

 Again, when they do reach a high position they will be told to work hard to maintain the position. Then the time comes to plan a family and fulfil a load of responsibility. So now what, the mindset changes to living enjoyable peaceful life after the retirement. But do we ever think that will all those enthusiasm, energy and zeal to pamper the life will remain same when we enter that age? “A new house? A new car?” Is it the only meaning of life? In all these mad rush we tend to forget actually where and what we exactly want to reach.

Life is a jumble of surprises. Nobody can tell you what life can throw at you or when it will. It may be pleasure or sadness, success or failure. Similarly, like a roller coaster, there are rises and downs, highs and lows. You could be at the top of the world one day and the bottom the next.

“Life is like a reverberation. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. All comes back, whether it’s positive, bad, wrong, or real. You reap what you sow, you get what you offer. “What you see in others is also present in you.” It serves as a reminder that we are all made of the same fabric.

Life is also like a video game. In video Games you either win something or lose something. Not all the time, you win and take a grand prize home. Moreover, a win we experience is sweet whereas the loss can be bitter. But every failure makes us closer to our win teaching and building valuable lessons and experiences and is a stepping stone in life. The more we lose and the more we practice the more we become perfect.

To sum up, life is beautiful just as roses but it has some challenges which are like thorns to be faced. Whatever the situation is, life keeps going forward and we must learn how to cope up those unexpected, tough situations in an optimistic way embracing its beauty. Life is happening now. Why don’t we enjoy it here and now instead of waiting for a certain reach (phase) to enjoy it and lose our precious time.

BBA 1st semester, KUSOM


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