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Bored during lockdown? Want to kill time doing something productive? Here are some ways to kill time by doing something productive and fun!  But at first let us have a look at ‘What is Covid-19?’ and ‘How it has affected our daily routine?’.    

What is COVID-19?

According to WHO, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people affected with the COVID-19 virus will face mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. (sources)

One can prevent the spreading by staying quarantined or under house arrest.


Our world has radically changed during this past year due to Covid-19. It has affected our daily life as well as professional life too. Trying to maintain a normal routine is difficult. Going out during this time can be unfavourable to oneself as well as their family or people around them.

The pandemic has affected thousands of lives; people are either getting sick or staying locked so that they don’t get sick. A lot of people are dying due to the spread of this deadly virus. The most common symptoms of this virus are fever, cold, cough, breathing problems, bone pain and ultimately leading to pneumonia.

Many countries have enforced strict COVID-19 rules. Locking their people and enforcing strict rules to control the deadly communicable disease. It has surely affected the country’s business, economy and the lives of the general public. Going out without mask can be punishable offense.

If the circumstances require one to go out-door, they should take proper precautions. Make sure to always wear masks properly and maintain 6 feet distance from people. Always use hand sanitizer after and before touching anything. Sanitizing all the purchased items or delivered items. Drinking hot water regularly also helps.


Lockdown has put a full stop to our daily routines like going to school and colleges, offices and other jobs. People have been trapped inside because of the strict quarantine rules. Schools and colleges have started virtual mode of schooling, which might have it merits and demerits. Corporate companies have also gone with the work from home mode. This can be one way of trying put things back to normal or adjusting to the new environment. Where students are attending virtual classes and corporate employees are Woking from home, there is a huge population of people at home trying to figure out how to kill time while being in lockdown.

Here are few tips and suggestions how to kill time while being in lockdown.

  • Cooking: Food is essential and provides our body nutrition. Learning how to cook new dishes for your partner, parents or yourself is a step towards happiness. As they say good food is a way to one’s heart. Restaurants and dining places are mostly closed due to lockdown so why not learn cooking and cook for yourself and be your own judge. One of the main reasons we choose a particular dish to eat is mostly because it’s tasty and not because it’s healthy. This quarantine why not learn how to cook tasty as well as healthy food for yourself, your spouse and your family.
  • Organize house: Did she just say organize house? Yes! I know, it sounds bizarre but trust me it’s one of the best way to kill time and be productive simultaneously. You can rearrange little furniture and make some interior changes, which I am sure you always wanted to do but never got time. Here you go, you got plenty of time spend it making few interior changes.
  • Workout and exercise: Only by eating healthy food one can’t stay fit. One should do exercise to stay fit. Doing body exercise daily not only helps in staying fit and healthy it also helps in proper blood circulation of your body.
  • Art and craft: Want to pass time? What better way than Art and craft. You can adopt a hobby and spend the summer painting or doing some craft work. Reading books can also bring peace to mind. Writing your thoughts or penning your feelings can help too.
  • Music and Entertainment App: Music helps one stay calm. It takes you away from all the surrounding toxicity and brings inner peace. Entertainment apps like Tiktok, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter can help you kill your time. Chatting with distant friends and family via zoom or any other communication app. Watching movies and series can also help you kill time.
  • Home spa and skin care: Taking care of our skin is very important especially while staying at home. Parlours and spa are mostly closed due to the pandemic but you can take proper care of your skin by using home care routines. Twice a week can give your skin a fine glow.

So, these are few ways to kill your time during quarantine. Hope you find this helpful and apply this in your everyday lifestyle as well.

BBA 1st semester, KUSOM


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