We won’t be diverted by the government’s ban : Kanchan

२०७७ श्रावण २ गते, शुक्रबार

After the government has banned the Communist Party of Nepal, a standing committee member of the party, Dharmendra Bastola ‘Kanchan’ said that they will strongly resist the ban. He said the party will not be derailed from its objective because of this imposition of the ban upon their party. Despite the restriction the structure of the party, its army, and its sister organizations will not be changed or distracted, he said.

Leader Bastola said, “Because of the government ban, none of the units running under the people’s government will be obstructed. Not a single unit of the People’s Liberation Army will be inactive. And not even any structure of the sister’s organization will be distracted. Rather all our bodies will be more powerful and explosive.”
He stated that the party has a clear policy and objective to establish scientific socialism as an alternative to this current parliamentary system. He said, “Our party has a clear policy – Nepal’s current contradiction is the contradiction between the crony capitalist state and freedom loving people. 

The solution to this can only be brought by replacing the existing crony capitalist state by the scientific socialist state. The sovereignty of the nation, its integrity and independence, prosperity and continuous change will only be possible when the political traders and brokers will be completely annihilated.”


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